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Why Hand Wash Sportswear

Hand Wash Your Cycling Clothes

If you got loads of money, don’t ride far, don’t care what you look like on the road or trail, never had a sore backside, or care what the rider behind you sees, then stop here. You’ll never hand wash. The rest of you, keep reading.

We believe what you wear, and how you look, makes you feel good as a cyclist. Whether you showing your personality, feeling pro or getting aero, chances are you have invested in your performance cycling wear and want it to last. Together we invest in colours, fabrics and stitching that is lighter with more stretch, breathable, vibrant and cut to impress. It is specialised single purpose performance wear. Then when we want to wash it, we treat it the same as the gear we move the lawns in.

Maintain the investment

Why we hand wash is simple, firstly, it maintains the shape, fit and fabric of our cycling wear. Second, as our sportswear sits against our skin, what we wash it in needs to be low in irritation, chemical residues and hygienic.

Time to put some effort in!

Soak, hand agitate, rinse and hang dry in the shade. The result is kit that is fresh, fast, firm, holding elasticity, colourful and hygienic where it matters.

Pedalit Revival  is your high-performance laundry concentrate, with natural ingredients for those who demand low irritability from chemical residues.

And why is it called Pedalit Revival? Because Pedalit is bringing back the hand wash!