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Workshop Open Monday to Friday  


Our workshop operates under a quotation only menu. 

All bikes that come into the workshop will undergo a Pedalit Wash & Degrease and a full quote. Due to Covid-19 we will not be working on bikes until we have washed them. Quote & Wash cost - $30

On the quote we checkover: 

  • Front & Rear Hubs
  • Fork & Shock
  • Front & Rear brakes (hydraulic & cable) 
  • Gear & Brake Cables
  • Tyre Wear 
  • Drivetrain Wear
  • Inspect Wheels & Spoke Tension
  • Headset Bearings
  • Linkage Bearings 
  • Bottom Bracket Bearings
  • Tape & Grips 

Within 24 hours the quote will be emailed and no work will proceed until customer permission granted.