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Albury Wodonga Bike Path Riding

Albury Wodonga Bike Path Riding

Albury Wodonga has some of the best bike path riding that is very undiscovered to many locals. The town is scattered with bike / walking paths, generally linking to create some great loops, without touching a main road. 

The most popular (and my favourite) is the Noreuil / West Albury boat ramp bike path. Either riding to or parking your car at Noreuil, start your ride by heading north along the bike path, past the pool, over the bridge, up and down a couple of hills before arriving at the West Albury Kremur boat ramp. It's always nice to pack a thermos for smoko at the boat ramp (your partner will be thankful too). 

If your legs are already tired and your bum hurts (lets be realistic, it happens!) then you can turn around and start your journey back towards Nouriel Park to finish up. If you're adventuring for the long run then you can continue following the river, doing the horseshoe lagoon loop before heading back along the same path to Nouriel. 

Follow the link here to look at some of the bike path loops we have created for you on Strava. You can download these rides and add them to your Garmin or phone screen to follow along. 


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