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A few words on the brand new Emonda SL6 - Comet Cycles

A few words on the brand new Emonda SL6

I guess I should start with an introduction as many of you wouldn't know who I actually am. 

I'm Connor, I've been riding bikes longer than I've been on two feet. Whether it be Road, Gravel, MTB, Triathlon, BMX, Motorocross.. Anything with 2 wheels, you will find me on. You will find me in the workshop wrenching, taking photos, designing websites, running the Comet socials & most importantly, out riding bikes. If you see someone up Nailcan on a Trek Fuel with long hair flowing in the wind, Holla, fair chance it's me. 

Well, where to start?

I set out to write a few Pros and Cons of the much anticipated Emonda.. So far I'm only coming up with Pros. The Emonda hasn't been completely redesigned since 2014, why fix something that isn't broken right? I'm glad Trek managed to improve the already magnificent Emonda. 

We received the new Emonda on Wednesday to have them built and on the floor for the release on Friday. In typical Albury fashion it rained Friday.. and Saturday.. and Sunday. I had a brand new bike on the floor looking at me for 3 days straight whilst Zeus just laughed at me. Sunday arvo rolled around and the rain stopped for an hour, I figured it's now or never to get out for a quick lap around the block! I wrapped plastic bags around my feet (a good tip to keep the water out) chucked my shoes on, helmet on and set off to beat the rain. 

1.8kms later and it was raining so hard I couldn't see. Considering I was already soaked I figured I may as well keep riding and go test out how fast this bike really is. 

Summary? Crazy Light, Crazy Fast & Crazy Smooth. 

I put the bike through a test loop with some hills, dirt sections, flat fast roads and very wet / slippery descents to put the cornering and braking to test. It's fair to say when Trek trialled 200 frames, they hit the nail on the head with this one. 1.5 hours later and the rain was still pouring but the ride was still good. 

For a race / climbing bike, it rides like a cruiser. One of my favourite things about Trek is how easy and smooth every bike is. I'm frequently hopping between race bikes / gravel bikes / TT bikes / MTB bikes. No matter the discipline, every Trek just handles perfectly. 

I have managed to get out another 3 times and my smile just keeps getting bigger. I made a few tweaks on position, added my Bontrager 1300 lumen light to the front and Bontrager Flare RT to the rear to do some night riding. 

Now - I should probably give you a run down on the actual bike specs. 

  • Trek SL6 Emonda
  • Full Carbon Frame
  • Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 Wheelset
  • Ultegra Hydraulic Disc Groupset 
  • Bontrager Aeolus Comp Saddle
  • Bontrager Alloy Stem / Bar 
  • Bontrager R2 700 x 25C Tyres

The bike is perfect for not only racing, but an everyday rider who enjoys going fast. I found the bike to handle perfectly when we started to pick the pace up, being plenty fast on the flats for a predominant climbing bike. The disc brakes make descending a dream, very confidence inspiring for someone that doesn't love descending. Pairing the super light frame with the new Bontrager Aeolus Elite 35 Wheelset made climbing effortless. When we hit some steep pinches the bike accelerated exactly how I would have hoped, whilst still feeling smooth. Trek have nailed a 'race bike' that feels like a comfort bike, the perfect mix for big days in the saddle, or big race days. 

Anyone who knows me knows that I love a gravel road, even though the Emonda is a race bike, a little bit of gravel never hurt. A good test to see how it handles when the going gets tough.. and some dirt roads get quite rough! So far it handles the rough roads like a dream, but if you were living in an area with super rough roads then I would look at chucking some 28-32C tyres on. Allowing you to run lower pressures and keep the ride smooth! With disc brakes, it allows up to 32C tyres, pretty impressive for a race bike. 

If you can see yourself on the new Emonda, drop into Comet! We have a 52cm demo available. 

Hope everyone enjoys a weekend on the pedals, whether it be Road, Gravel, MTB or just your commute down to the coffee shop. 

- Ride Fast: Connor 

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